We Love What We Do

“It is exciting and encouraging to have the pleasure to engage and work with people of this caliber who want to work with UCCR.”

–Mike Carr, CEO

When I have questions or challenges, my supervisor helps me to understand. He is very positive, and believes in my abilities. We work together as a productive team.

–Nora, Reservationist

The first time I visited a camp that we manage, the school group onsite was there for a week of outdoor education. Our WOLF School Director told me the students were from a school that was “very under resourced.” And to make their week of outdoor education possible, our Site Director had committed to making it affordable to the children’s school. I didn’t immediately understand what this all meant. I then noticed that no one was outfitted in what I considered to be “proper” camp clothing (i.e., North Face, Patagonia, Timberland, etc.). It hadn’t occurred to me that this trip to the redwood trees above the Pacific Ocean may well have been the first real “outdoor” experience for many of the kids. Some seemed unsure of themselves; others seemed quite at home. In either case, I was grateful to be working for an organization whose mission involved providing these children with such an important experience.

–Stewart, Human Resources

The first year I worked for UCCR at the WOLF school, a nature field school, we took 6 kids on a hiking and camping trip. We hiked 20 miles a day, got friendly with the mosquito population, and had a blast. We accomplished our goal and had an experience none of us will ever forget. Come join us!”

–Desiree, WOLF School